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St Patricks Day Parade Sydney

St Patricks Day Parade Sydney 2016

The Celtic Festival website recently readnews that the annual St Patrick’s Day parade in Sydney has been cancelled for 2016.

This is definitely sad news for local Irish people living in Sydney, as well as Sydney-siders in general as it is a much loved event … as evidenced by the huge crowd numbers each year.

The event has apparently been cancelled for this year due to a few major reasons:

Sydney streets are currently in the grip of major construction work due to the tram line being installed. As the parade passes down this route, this had obvious complications for event organizers.

But probably most important of all are the financial reasons behind the cancellation for this year. An amount of $140,000 has been quoted as being the amount that the event organizer is currently in debt (due to a blowout in operating costs during 2014). As such, the event co-ordinators have elected not to run the parade this year, and quite possibly not until the operating debt has been cleared.

For futher news on this, head over to the website for more details.

Lets hope that the parade is up and running again in 2017 !